Thursday, 8 February 2018


With all the talk about smart technology and connected homes, you may be wondering why you should take notice. After all, it is not that difficult or inconvenient to turn your lights on and off.According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), smart technology is not just about convenience. It is not even just about lighting. It is also about energy efficiency and safety. Efficiency Smart technology allows you to connect your home’s electronic devices to one device, such as a phone, tablet or computer. Having a connected home means you have the ability to adjust your thermostat, open and close window shades, and activate your security system remotely, or program those devices to operate automatically at pre-set times. Safety Efficiency is important, but safety is paramount. With the ability to connect to your home’s devices from anywhere in the world comes the peace of mind of not wondering if your security system is activated and knowing your outside and inside lights will be on before you arrive home after dark. Convenience Home automation apps make it a snap to change your room into the perfect setting for different activities. For example, for movie night, a system like Lutron’s Caseta Wireless can be pre-programmed to adjust all the lights in your family room to set the scene for a great movie-watching experience.If installing and operating smart technology equipment sounds complicated and expensive, it’s not. According to the ALA, there are some simple and surprisingly inexpensive options available on today’s market.A number of ALA-member manufacturers, including Legrand, Lutron Electronics, Philips and Acuity Brands Lighting offer reasonably priced, easy-to-install automation products designed to make your home more comfortable, convenient and safe. In many cases, it just takes simple retrofitting of an existing dimmer switch.Erik Anderson, national sales manager for Lutron Electronics, explains that the Caseta Wireless is very retrofittable into existing homes. "All you have to do is take your existing dimmer or switch out of the wall and replace it with a Caseta dimmer or switch, add a smart bridge and you have the ability to control it from an app, or from voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri," says Anderson.For added ease, Lutron’s Caseta Wireless system can be integrated with Apple, Amazon or Google platforms for use inside your home. And when you are outside, an app or geofencing allows you to adjust your inside and/or outside lights, even before you arrive home. That will make your home welcoming to you and your guests.To learn more about making your home smarter, stop by your local ALA-member lighting showroom to see the latest technology for home environment automation



– With more than 32,000 autonomously arranged occasions around the nation, the seven day stretch of Jan. 21-27 will be the biggest ever festivity of chance in instruction.

It's the seventh yearly National School Choice Week, a fair, nonpolitical mindfulness occasion that has developed extensively consistently – it's up from 21,000 a year ago and 150 occasions in its first year.

So who are the general population driving the festivals?

Some are guardians who place themselves in the driver's seat of their kids' training. They considered their kids' special needs, learning styles, and premiums. They took a gander at the accessible alternatives – customary state funded schools, open contract schools, open magnet schools, tuition based schools, self-teaching, online schools, or a mix of these choices – and picked the training conditions they thought about best for their kids.

Some found freely or secretly supported grants; others checked shortlists; and numerous others chose that their nearby school was, actually, the best fit for their kids.

Some occasion coordinators are instructors and school pioneers, upbeat to assume such a urgent part in the training and advancement of kids crosswise over America. Distinctive schools offer distinctive educational program, distinctive ways to deal with instruction, alternate points of view – and this decent variety merits celebrating. Each tyke is one of a kind; each family is one of a kind. Youngsters who are amped up for violin or Mandarin, kids who require an additional lift in a specific region, kids who flourish in customary classrooms and kids who don't – everybody ought to be given a chance to exceed expectations in the way best suits them. What's more, awesome educators and school pioneers are a fundamental piece of that perfection.

A few occasions are arranged by group pioneers planning to help considerably more youngsters have the chance to achieve their full scholarly potential by making new ways and bringing issues to light about the significance of persistently extending access to successful training alternatives for kids and families.

The members in National School Choice Week may all be extraordinary, with one of a kind points of view, foundations, and stories. In any case, they all trust a certain something: that each tyke, given the correct condition, can succeed. Regardless of what school your family has picked, National School Choice Week gives a chance to commend understudies and the desire of a splendid future for our entire country.


Imagine a futuristic transportation system  with “talking” roads and cars that instantly provide real-time updates on local weather, traffic and road conditions. Equipped with up-to-the-minute information, motorists could choose safer, more direct routes helping to reduce traffic congestion, shorten trips and reduce vehicle emissions.

The future is now, says Cinterion, a Gemalto company and the global leader in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology. The technology needed for driver-friendly intelligent transportation systems exists today, and it’s being rolled out quickly – growing by more than 30 percent according to industry analysts.

Mac ’N’

For such a significant number of, macaroni and cheddar is a hands-down most loved solace nourishment. A claim to fame dish that was acquainted with America by Thomas Jefferson, it was his cousin Mary Randolph who promoted it in her cookbook "The Virginia Housewife," distributed in 1824.

Regardless of whether you dress it up or down or appreciate it as a side or principle dish, macaroni and cheddar offers flavorful flexibility and accomplices impeccably with numerous suppers. It ventures well, as well, to tailgate or bring-a-dish parties.

greatest tricks being executed on mortgage holders

Supported by GAF) The Better Business Bureau says it is one of the greatest tricks being executed on mortgage holders, as per its new Scam Tracker Annual Risk Report.

A man thumps on your entryway and cases to have remaining roofing materials from another activity adjacent. He at that point offers to settle yours in vain.

On the off chance that this sounds pipe dream, it is.